How to Tell an Assisted Living Facilityis Abusing Their Senior Wards?

How to Tell an Assisted Living Facility
is Abusing Their Senior Wards?

Where there are great senior care institutions, one will always give the rest a bad name. Be a responsible caregiver for your seniors, and choose a senior facility with consideration!

The National Council on Aging determined that around one in every ten senior citizens in the USA suffered elderly abuse by a community or institution. And hardly one case in 24 gets reported to the concerning authorities. Sometimes the abuse happens at assisted facilities & nursing homes where it gets sugar-coated!

If you are a concerned family member willing to make comfortable arrangements for your seniors in Shelby Township, MI, you need a sharp sense of intuition & deduction to sense which facility to select. Unfortunately, unlike Hampton Manor of Taylor Assisted Living & Memory Care transparent operations in senior care, we can’t guarantee the safety of your seniors in a different assisted facility.

Types of Abuse:


The nursing members cause deliberate harm to the senior residents via assault of varying intensities. Seniors exhibit unexplained bruises.


The nursing staff yells, threatens & taunts seniors. The victim will show withdrawn, anxious behavior.


Touching, groping, or any activity involving intercourse with a senior who cannot comprehend the situation is abuse.


Failing to provide the senior victim with food, clothes, medication, and sanitation for no particular reason.


Physically constraining or isolating a senior without any medical reasons. Sometimes, even family members are denied from meeting their loved ones.


The nursing staff willfully denies the senior victim access to their facilities, therapies, medication, and peace of mind.


The staff may be misusing the senior’s funds or withholding allowance.


The Signs of Elder Abuse

  • The victim presents a sudden change in physical appearance, weight, health, & mental capacity. They may have unexplained bruising or injuries.
  • You will find unsanitary conditions for the seniors’ private quarters.
  • The senior victim will show fear, divert attention from their injuries, experience self-isolation, and shift sleeping patterns.
  • An appearance of documents with faked signatures changes to a will while the victim seems mentally unhinged, or a sudden spike in spending habits are sure signs something is off.

Protect Your Seniority

Start scouting for various assisted living facilities and dig deep into their details. Inquire credentials, licensing, staff qualifications, and get feedback from residents to make a better decision. If the staff intervenes, reconsider your selection!

Learn about Adult Protection Services & join support groups to be better prepared. Create a living will to avoid family confusion later on, and seek multiple opinions before signing anything related to your assisted facility plans.

Use direct deposit checks, manage your mail, & don’t share delicate information over the phone. Keep a mobile device with you at all times & voice your concerns. Keep a close confidant to check up on you so you aren’t taken as someone no one would miss!

Our Hampton Manor of Taylor Assisted Living & Memory Care staff in Shelby Township, MI, is highly trained, backed by authentic referrals, and offers our clients a higher degree of autonomy in their day-to-day activities. We pride ourselves in the excellent club-style facility layouts, warm & friendly staff, range of accommodation, personalized treatments, recreation & therapies for our senior clients.

Transparency & accountability are at the core of our values. We are currently expanding our accommodations in light of our outstanding service record in caring for all new additions to the Hampton family!

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How to Have a Conversation with Your Parents about Moving them to an Assisted Living Facility?

How to Have a Conversation with Your Parents about Moving them to an Assisted Living Facility?

Seniors deserve me-time after a lifetime of service & dedication to family, nation, & values. It is only fitting that they be granted a bespoke passage to the comforts of life, entirely dignified.

You must have come across the phrase, “you can’t keep your parents home forever.” It’s a common topic of conversation among adult children. However, it is not an easy decision to make. You want to do right by them, and you also know that they deserve better than what you can give them at home. Hampton Manor of Taylor Assisted Living & Memory Care in Harrison Township talks about how moving your parents into an assisted living facility isn’t as frightening as it sounds and why it might be the best option for everyone involved!

When is the Right Time?

It’s not uncommon for adult children to realize that their parents require assisted living services. It may be because of a severe deteriorating medical issue, repeated falls, a recent near-death experience, a lack of family presence or availability, or an increase in daily responsibilities such as taking medication on time and grooming oneself, eating regularly, or daily chores.

What Should Your Approach Be?

Keep the Discussion Going:

It is a sensitive topic and not something you can discuss just once or twice. It will mean a lot to your loved ones when you talk about their future care honestly but bear in mind that its two-way traffic. Remember to pay attention to their concerns, feelings, worries, or possible dread regarding their health and living options. They’ve grown adults talking about their health and potential loss of autonomy; it’ll be difficult for them to do so.

Be Sensitive to their Feelings:

The tone of your voice makes a significant impact, too. Make an effort to speak in a calm, quiet, and pleasant manner. Let your parents know that you want them to be the ones to make the ultimate decision. It is an open discussion rather than a lecture, so be careful not to act superior. Validate their feelings by listening carefully and responding thoughtfully. If they become enraged, don’t react with more anger; it will just result in you shouting at one another until you’re both exhausted.

Consider and Identify the ‘What-Ifs’:

If your parents are alive and together, ask what would happen if one of them passes away. Is the surviving parent expected to downsize or relocate into a retirement community? This aspect of “the talk” is complex and distressing. Still, it may assist you in learning about your parents’ wishes for each other and illuminating what they have already spoken about among themselves.

Recognize Why They Don’t Want to Leave:

Elders may not express it, but most grasp that it will probably be their final home if they move into senior living. They may not expect their relationship with you to change and worry about losing their autonomy. During these talks, keep in mind their worries so that you can answer them and counter their objections diplomatically.

We are here for you:

The mission of Hampton Manor of Taylor Assisted Living & Memory Care is to provide assistance and extend support for you and your loved ones in Harrison Township in any way we can. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or need help with future family transfers for your loved ones.

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Why Our Assisted Living Trumps Other Forms of Senior Care in Taylor!

Why Our Assisted Living Trumps Other Forms of Senior Care in Taylor!

Hampton Manor of Taylor Assisted Living and Memory Care provides premier assisted care to senior citizens in the region. Here’s why we should be top-of-the-list in your retirement plans.

Do you have a loved one approaching retirement age and starting to look into assisted living options? If so, you’re likely finding yourself inundated with information about a variety of care facilities. So, what’s the best option for your loved one in Taylor MI? Let us share why we are the best in town!

1. 24/7 Care

We provide your loved ones with top-notch care 24 hours a day. At Hampton Manor of Assisted Living & Memory Care, we understand that every individual has different needs; that’s why we offer customized care plans to fit our residents’ specific requirements. Our memory care program helps individuals with Alzheimer’s disease or other kinds of dementia lead fulfilling lives by maximizing their mental abilities and supporting them physically through personalized programs designed just for them. We help improve cognitive skills and ensure senior citizens don’t lose their independence.

Hampton Manor is Taylor’s top-rated assisted living and memory care center for one simple reason: our residents always come first. Our community offers social activities, stimulating programming, delicious meals, and plenty of opportunities for relaxation so that residents can enjoy their days to the fullest extent possible. 

2. We Offer a Wonderful Social Experience

Our residents enjoy spending time with their friends and neighbors. We offer plenty of social activities, both indoors and outdoors, so that everyone can find something they love.

We have a beautiful courtyard where our residents can relax in the sun or take a peaceful walk, and we also host regular outings to local attractions. Our community is warm and welcoming, and our staff is dedicated to providing each resident with personalized care.

3. Independent Living

Living at Hampton Manor allows our residents to maintain an independent lifestyle while still receiving the support they need. We offer various amenities, including a fully-equipped fitness center and onsite hair salon services! Our restaurant-style dining experience ensures that our residents are well fed throughout the day. And with 24/hour staffing from our attentive staff members, we make sure everyone is taken care of when needed most.

4. Family Environment

We provide a family environment for our residents to live in! We work hard to make sure that each resident feels like they belong here. The amenities we offer, followed by the excellent service, make you feel at home at all times. By creating an inviting atmosphere where everyone can be themselves, we build lasting friendships between our employees and other residents. This makes Hampton Manor feel homier than your average assisted living center. 

If you’re looking for top-rated assisted living and memory care in Taylor, look no further than Hampton Manor of Taylor Assisted Living & Memory Care! We would love to welcome you to our community. Contact us today for more information or schedule a tour to see us yourself!

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There’s Nothing Like a Sense of Community for Older Adults

There’s Nothing Like a Sense of Community for Older Adults

Every person needs a sense of belonging, and for many people, that place is their

A sense of community can be defined as feeling like part of something larger than yourself. It is a network with other members who show interest and concern for each other’s well-being. For many people, this means being involved with an organization that provides opportunities for socializing and volunteering with others in the same age bracket.

A sense of community is essential for everyone, but it has special significance for aging adults. Older adults experience social isolation and loneliness more than younger people due to decreased mobility, depression, or other mental health conditions. Professional organizations like Hampton Manor of Taylor Assisted Living & Memory Care in Taylor Township, MI, can help older adults become part of a community.

The fragility that comes with old age can be heartbreaking to observe. From having the belief to take on the world alone to needing comfort and solace by ensuring everyone’s around, aging individuals need help and support from the community. 

Things that Help Build a Sense of Community for Older Adults  

  • Having other people to talk with and spend time together. 
  • Receiving help or assistance from others. 
  • Being part of a group involved in similar interests such as sports, hobbies, etc. 
  • Participating in a community-building project. 
  • Being able to perform activities of daily living independently.

The Benefits of Community for Older Adults 

  • It Keeps Older Adults Emotionally Engaged and Active  

Older adults feel needed when surrounded by people who share similar interests or struggles; this encourages seniors to be socially involved, thus staying healthy mentally and physically. 

  • Promotes Overall Well Being  

Community activities such as volunteer work and group outings provide older adults with a safe space to feel part of the family. This also allows them to meet people who share similar stories, feelings, or concerns, increasing self-esteem and acceptance. Having a group of friends that looks after you ensure that you’re well taken care of and have people you can trust and confide in. 

  • Encourages Socialization 

A community encourages social interactions, which is crucial for older adults. It helps them stay connected with the people around them and allows them to develop new relationships that can be supportive. So whether it’s befriending your neighbors or getting involved with a volunteer program, having friends makes you more capable of living a fulfilling life. 

A community also encourages healthy behaviors in older adults because they can motivate each other to exercise, eat well, and go out for walks or trips together. A sense of community gives them the time to appreciate nature (or city) sceneries while bonding with each other.

Hampton Manor of Taylor Assisted Living & Memory Care provides the same sense of community to older adults in Taylor Township, MI. We offer you the opportunity to enjoy your old age in a spacious location with a multipurpose community center where you can participate in many fun and engaging activities. Whether you want to interact and have fun or read a book in solitude, our memory care center provides it all to you.

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How Does Alzheimer Affect a Senior Citizen’s Daily Life?

How Does Alzheimer Affect a Senior Citizen’s Daily Life?

Alzheimer‘s is considered a type of dementia that affects people as they grow older. It slowly destroys brain cells and can affect an individual’s life in many ways, depending on their condition. Some people will experience memory loss or confusion, while others may develop other symptoms such as anxiety or depression..

This blog post by the experts at Hampton Manor of Taylor Assisted Living & Memory Care discusses how Alzheimer’s disease affects the daily life of senior citizens in detail so you can better understand what it means to live with this disease.

Memory Loss that Disrupts their Everyday Life

Memory loss is a common symptom in seniors with Alzheimer’s. Symptoms could start subtly, like forgetting words or where they put things, but it can progressively worsen to the point where a person forgets everything about their life and the people around them.

Forgetting the Identity of their Loved Ones

As Alzheimer’s disease progresses, the patients have trouble remembering their loved ones. This includes the family members who spend a lot of time around or even profoundly love. An example could be forgetting your spouse’s name.

They find it Challenging to Solve Problems or Make Plans.

As their disease progresses, people with Alzheimer’s can have trouble solving problems and making plans. They might even forget basic things like how to brush their teeth or feed themselves without extra guidance from someone else.

They can have Mood Changes and Behavioral Issues.

People with Alzheimer’s will sometimes struggle to regulate their moods. They can also show a decrease in inhibitions or engage in activities that put them in harm’s way. This includes wandering off from home alone, which puts them at high risk of being lost or getting injured.

They Can Have Difficulty with Actions they’ve regularly performed in the Past.

When a person’s disease progresses, if there is something they have done repeatedly before, such as making coffee for others, preparing meals, etc., then they might start having trouble completing these tasks.

They Lose Track of Time and Dates

Another common symptom is that victims start to lose track of time and dates. They forget the days of the week or even what year it is. This can make participating in conversations difficult, as they often won’t understand when someone is talking about something that happened recently versus something from years ago.

They Face Trouble Handling Money

The patients might start spending more money than they have, or they might not remember how to write a check or use a credit card. This can lead to financial difficulties as the disease progresses. Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive disorder that affects the brain and leads to impaired memory, thinking, and behavior. Alzheimer’s affects each victim differently, so it’s essential to understand each person’s needs and help them maintain their independence for as long as possible. At Hampton Manor of Taylor Assisted Living & Memory Care in Taylor, MI, we are on a mission to help patients and their loved ones adjust to life with Alzheimer’s disease. It’s not easy to see someone you care for go through all of this change, but with the proper support, such as memory care and assisted living, they can still live fulfilling lives. For more information, please contact us today.

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