Seniors deserve me-time after a lifetime of service & dedication to family, nation, & values. It is only fitting that they be granted a bespoke passage to the comforts of life, entirely dignified.

You must have come across the phrase, “you can’t keep your parents home forever.” It’s a common topic of conversation among adult children. However, it is not an easy decision to make. You want to do right by them, and you also know that they deserve better than what you can give them at home. Hampton Manor of Taylor Assisted Living & Memory Care in Harrison Township talks about how moving your parents into an assisted living facility isn’t as frightening as it sounds and why it might be the best option for everyone involved!

When is the Right Time?

It’s not uncommon for adult children to realize that their parents require assisted living services. It may be because of a severe deteriorating medical issue, repeated falls, a recent near-death experience, a lack of family presence or availability, or an increase in daily responsibilities such as taking medication on time and grooming oneself, eating regularly, or daily chores.

What Should Your Approach Be?

Keep the Discussion Going:

It is a sensitive topic and not something you can discuss just once or twice. It will mean a lot to your loved ones when you talk about their future care honestly but bear in mind that its two-way traffic. Remember to pay attention to their concerns, feelings, worries, or possible dread regarding their health and living options. They’ve grown adults talking about their health and potential loss of autonomy; it’ll be difficult for them to do so.

Be Sensitive to their Feelings:

The tone of your voice makes a significant impact, too. Make an effort to speak in a calm, quiet, and pleasant manner. Let your parents know that you want them to be the ones to make the ultimate decision. It is an open discussion rather than a lecture, so be careful not to act superior. Validate their feelings by listening carefully and responding thoughtfully. If they become enraged, don’t react with more anger; it will just result in you shouting at one another until you’re both exhausted.

Consider and Identify the ‘What-Ifs’:

If your parents are alive and together, ask what would happen if one of them passes away. Is the surviving parent expected to downsize or relocate into a retirement community? This aspect of “the talk” is complex and distressing. Still, it may assist you in learning about your parents’ wishes for each other and illuminating what they have already spoken about among themselves.

Recognize Why They Don’t Want to Leave:

Elders may not express it, but most grasp that it will probably be their final home if they move into senior living. They may not expect their relationship with you to change and worry about losing their autonomy. During these talks, keep in mind their worries so that you can answer them and counter their objections diplomatically.

We are here for you:

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